The aim of the UNSW School of Physics Outreach Unit is to help raise the awareness of Physics and Astronomy.  Our purpose is to explain the Science of the world around us in an accessible and enjoyable way for all, no matter what your background.

We invite you to come and learn about the Universe from a physical and astronomical perspective. To share our knowledge about the mechanics and the beauty of the Universe for those who would like to know how it works.

The UNSW School of Physics has put together an outreach group comprised of academics, postdoctorates, postgraduates and undergraduates.

The Physics and Astronomy programs here at UNSW cater for both the school groups (primary and secondary) and the general public alike. Our programs range from covering topical subjects in the NSW school syllabus in a fun and highly interactive way to presenting the latest research by active scientists.

For matters concerning the School of Physics Outreach and Engagement strategy please contact either Neil Lawrence or Kate Jackson

Current committee members:

Kate Jackson

Neil Lawrence

Elizabeth Angstmann

Tom Dixon

Sarah Brough