Why Study Physics at UNSW?

The School of Physics at UNSW is one of the largest in Australia. We specialise in research in the areas of Astrophysics; Condensed Matter Physics; Biophysics; and Theoretical Physics. Studying Physics at UNSW gives you the opportunity to learn from world-class researchers, many of whom have won awards for their teaching, in our state-of-the-art laboratories and facilities

Physics is at the heart of every facet of modern life. Studying physics not only teaches you about the laws governing the behaviour of the universe, but gives you the opportunity to solve real-world challenges. You'll also learn skills such as critical thinking, how to pose questions, how to solve problems and also how to work in a team. These skills will be valuable whether you decide to follow a career in scientific research, or work in other areas such as education, computing or finance.

Studying Physics at UNSW is all about flexibility. The Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Advanced Science (Honours) degrees allow you to concentrate on Physics, but also provide the chance to take electives, a minor, or even a second major, from other disciplines. Dual degrees allow you to study for two different degrees at the same time and are ideal if you're interested in more than one area of study. The Bachelor of Science (International) includes a year studying at an overseas university, while the Bachelor of Science and Business allows you to combine business knowledge with a science major.

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