Vacation Scholarships

Faculty of Science Vacation Research Scholarships

UNSW Science Summer Vacation Research Scholarships are available for students currently enrolled in second year or above in Physics or a related discipline. The Scholarships are valued at $3800 for a 6 week research project over the Summer Vacation (November to February).

    Application opening: This scholarship is not available for 2020-2021.

Further information and online application forms available here .

Read about what some previous summer’s scholars did here:


Possible Summer Research Projects in the School of Physics

Supervisor(s)Project TitleProject Details
Dr Peter ReecePhotonics and OptoelectronicsDesc
Dr Maria CunninghamAstrophysics and AstrochemistryDesc
Prof. Chris TinneyExoplanets and Brown DwarfsDesc
A/Prof. Clemens UlrichOptical Spectroscopy and neutron scatteringDesc
A/Prof. Dennis StelloSounding stars using data from NASA's kepler and TESS missionsDesc
Prof. Sven RoggeQuantum computation in siliconDesc
A/Prof. Kim-Vy TranGalaxy Evolution across cosmic timeDesc
Prof. Michael AshleyAstronomy from AntarcticaDesc
Prof. Paul CurmiBiophysicsDesc
Prof. Victor FlambaumTheoretical PhysicsDesc
Prof. Oleg SushkovFabry Perot interferometer with Quantum Point ContactDesc
A/Prof Julian BerengutTheoretical PhysicsDesc
Prof. Michelle SimmonsCentre of Quantum Computation and Communication TechnologyDesc
Prof. Alexander HamiltonExperimental Condensed Matter PhysicsDesc
Prof. Dane McCameyExcitonic Materials and DevicesDesc
A/Prof. Sarah MartellGalactic ArchaeologyDesc