Students in the Graduate Diploma (Research) and the Master of Philosophy are required to complete 24 units of advanced level coursework as part of their degree.

Courses can be chosen from:

Graduate Diploma (Research) and the Master of Philosophy

PHYS9383 Advanced Physics (6 UOC)
PHYS9483 Advanced Theoretical Physics 1 (6 UOC)
PHYS9583 Advanced Theoretical Physics 2 (6 UOC)
PHYS9683 Advanced Astrophysics (6 UOC)
PHYS9783 Advanced Solid State Physics 1 (6 UOC)
PHYS9883 Advanced Solid State Physics 2 (6 UOC)
PHYS9983 Advanced Experimental Physics (6 UOC)

Students should discuss their choice of subjects with their supervisor and the Postgraduate Director, Prof Richard Newbury before enrolling at the start of each semester.

Graduate Certificate in Physics for High School Teachers

PHYS9110 - Everyday Physics for Teachers
PHYS9120 - Mechanics for Teachers
PHYS9130 - Electromagnetism for Teachers
PHYS9140 - Modern & Thermal Physics for Teachers