PHYS3112 Experimental and Computational Physics

Course Description : 

This course will provide the skills and knowledge required to investigate, both experimentally and computationally, a wide range of physical phenomena. The course consists of both lecture and laboratory classes, covering topics such as statistical analysis of data, sampling and information theory, numerical solutions of ordinary differential equations, Fourier transform theory and discrete Fourier transform, spectroscopy, handling and numerical modelling of noise and stochastic processes, inverse problems, experimental control, nonlinear systems, and quantum measurements.

The Term 1, 2021 course outline can be found here. This includes the assignment schedule.

TERM(S) Offered: 

Term 1


(PHYS2111 or PHYS2113 or PHYS2114 or PHYS2110) and (MATH2089 or (MATH2301 and (MATH2801 or MATH2901)))

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Michael Ashley

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Rajib Rahman

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Sarah Martell